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  • Friday, May 20, 2005

    Emotional Interview of an I.A.S topper

    It is a suggestion here that you may read an article by Vijayalakshmi Bidari, the topper of 2001 Civil Services Exams.

    I have a bank of such interviews on my computer as well as printed copies of various competition magazines. I have a plan to write an article based on the contents of those interviews for the benefit of the aspirants for the civil services.

    However, it was today that I have downloaded this article. As it is a practice with me that I just go through the contents hurriedly. The contents of the artilces immediately attractd my attention as it was some thing which I had tried to convey in one of my article.

    Few days back I had written an article "Emotion Management : A Key to Success" with a link at WHY DID I NOT MAKE IT TO IAS. I have found that nearly six people have visited that article and remained there for more than ten minutes. That means that I have touched the right chord. The contents of that article direct the attention of the candidates to an aspect of preparation which is generally not taken care of. The final selection or the road to Moussori takes a long route and travel time which is extended for eighteenth months minimum and more than two years for those who want to make it through shear hard work. During this period, one has to work not only as per a plan with full persistency but also to take care that no where in between the aspirant should let the vicissitude of life hamper your preparations for civil services. The persistency and tenacity for such a long period decides the possibility of the success. You may be the right stuff for this success but there are some factors if that are not taken care of and they become decisive. The article by Vijayalakshmi Bidari is a pot of emotions of a meaningful person. I feel it worth recommending to the aspirants to go through this article from that perspective. Click Here to reach the article.

    While reading the article, give attention to the selection of the subjects and the numbers which were expected. Soon I will come out with another such article in which it has been further emphasized but the site from which it is procured is not opening because of some technical glitch of that site itself. In case it continues for the long, I may then write another piece based on those observations which are quite vital. In short, be clear that apart from making efforts, you must prepare to get more than 360 marks in two subjects. One subject should be your elective subject and second one is Paper II General Studies in which you can get nearly 190 to 200 marks as it was advised by one of the successful candidate in his interview about which I have alluded to above.

    Similarly, in case of interview, getting 200 marks is a tricky affair as recommended by many successful candidates. This is an aspect about which I have some reservations. I think working on Mains is more effective strategy. Anyhow, this aspect will be taken care of at some later stage but for the time being, the concentration is on Mains 2005 and Prelims 2006.

    Kindly do post your comment at comment option given below at the end of each posting.
    Later Addition:
    On the link as follows List of 53rd Batch of IRS Probationers ( 2000-2002), Shri M. M. Tiwari, IRS (52 Batch) has given the list of probationers which includes the list Ms. Vijayalakshmi. Kindly note that the training batch was at Faridabad not Nagpur.
    It is generally believed that the IRS probationers get their training at Nagpur. However, these probationers were at Faridabad. Can any body elaborate on it? Does the training of IRS probationers take place at Faridabad and earlier it was imparted at Nagpur?

    The following display is in response to the contents of one of the comment by Sunil Chaudhary.
    The easy and rustic are easy to learn and leaves impact. The most important thing is that one should start writing. Anyways:

    Drafting of Contractual Letters
    6 Easy Steps to Create Resumes & Cover Letters for Drafting / CAD Students
    Rapidex Self Letter Drafting Course
    How to Write LOIs and Term Sheets: An Executive's Guide to Drafting Clear Legal Documents Before Bringing in the Lawyers


    1. Jayashree5:41 AM

      Sumir sir,

      I had visited your blog earlier in 2004-2006 and later could not recollect the link. Today I got it again. I am very glad I found it after searching for long time. I am an IAS aspirant, not yet made an attempt, currently preparing for CSE 2010. I find your bogs very useful for aspirants. I admire your spirit to guide aspirants and keeping your learnings accessible to them. Congratulations for achieving all that you have today and Best wishes for all that is yet to come. Please keep it up.

      Thanks and Regards,

    2. Jayashree,

      Thanks for the appreciation and such a long loyalty and remembrance. I am touched.

      Kindly visit In the search within blog given on the top bar of the blog itself, search for blogger who made it to IAS. I suggest you to read the blog of Ms. Saxena, 2008 topper. She has given good tips on how to prepare for Mains. A Must Read

      Wish you success in your attempt. Keep confidence in yourself. Maintain regular study overcoming all odds. No excuses. May God bless you.


    3. Jayashree6:42 AM

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your response. I learnt one thing very important from your letter that Self Management is utmost important during preparation. Inspired by you I took one step towards learning self Management especially mind. I was in Engineering when I read your blogs. What you spoke was always there in my mind. Now I am preparing for it and experiencing its benefits.

      I will follow your blogs regularly to take the maximum benefit for my aspiration. Thank you very much Sir. God bless you.

      Thanks and Regards,

    4. Jayashree5:20 AM

      Hi Sir,

      How are you? I am doing good. I request you to help me understand marks normalization in UPSC exam. How is the number of aspirants writing an optional and its score cut off related? My friends have taken Pub Ad and say many opt for it and hence score cut off is low hence its easy to score. If I am interested in a subject say Economics they discourage me saying it is taken by very few people and hence cut off will be very high, thereby making it difficult to score. Please tell me what is real in this information.

      Thanks and regards,

    5. I am new in Govt. job, still not perfect to write proceedings, letters/reply/notings confidently can u suggest me any book for that or any tips?


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