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  • Tuesday, May 10, 2005

    AVAILABILITY of Syllabus

    It was really surprising for me to find that some candidate reached my blog seeking syllabus when May 15 is just couple of hours away.

    It may be that the person who reached my blog must be thinking starting preparation for the 2006 prelims.

    Anyhow, his search helped me locate this site

    They have provided syllabus for all the options as well as all the three stages.

    My suggestions at also remains useful.

    The three authors site people seems to be located in North India. They have use good imagination in providing the details. It is worth exploring the site for the people who are interested in 2006 and also for the Main Novemeber 2005.

    However, I still prefer what I have suggested at and what you may find written at

    The advices there are more practical and near to reality. The one given at Three authors site is of general nature which convey less to most of the students. Those advices can be had from any one who has gone through the ceremony of going through prelims to mains and reaching interview.

    Anyhow, With the last post on set of questions, the due notes will follow at regular intervals.

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