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  • Friday, April 16, 2010

    Time Line Approach: Planning for Preparation

    It is merely a view and an advice.

    I believe those who prepare for history as an option in Civil Services or UGC/NET or any course in history, they must develop an approach of first raising a time line of period of their study in their mind. It should be developed on political history contents. After, a person is able to remember a time line of political events, then he/she may move towards social and economic developments over that period.

    Whenever I teach Gandhi Era, I begin with Gandhi's political activities in 1917 which I generally call Shukla Indigo Champaran, Land Revenue Kheda, Mill Workers Bonus Ahemdabad. From there onwards, I continue to recollect the main political events associated with or around Gandhian activities upto 1948. I then impress upon my students to develop similar memory recall survey of the period.

    I had desired to write a post in depth demonstrating what I have said in the above post. Fortunately, I have come across a post on Wikipedia which serves the same purpose. The list as given in there for each year is not all that exhaustive. In case of some of the entries even I do not have the information earlier. But I must recommend here that the aspirants for Civil Services and UGC/NET must go through that list. It may also help in revising their notes also and check how far they are able to recollect on events, personalities and concepts in chronological order.

    The Post can be accessed HERE.

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