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  • Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Dictionary of History of India

    I thank all the regular visitors to this blog.

    I have started a Dictionary of History of India. Making use of the label widget, it is being indexed and I believe it is turning out to be user friendly.

    I am using Sumit Sarkar, Bipin Chandra and five authors, Puri Chopra and Dutt, Majumdar Raychaudhari and Dutt, A. L Bhasam edited Cultural History of History, Kalisankar and Wikipedia for Modern India.

    For Ancient History, as it is with blog, I am using A. L. Bhasam, A. L. Srivastva, Majumdar, S. S. Sen and Singhal. I am also using Wikipedia and Banglapedia for the section.

    I have yet not written much on Medieval India. I will use J. L. Mehta, A. L. Sirvastva, Rizvi, Irfan Habib, and net for developing this period. There is a Digital Library for all the Persian, Arabic and Urdu writers for this period. It requires further reading but the syllabus of the civil service will definitely remain the main guide in selecting the terms for the dictionary.

    I believe that the dictionary may also be useful for the GS prelims as well as GS Mains paper A.

    I will definitely add to this blog but for the time being I am more concentrating on GS and Dictionary blog.

    For further enquiries, you are free to email me or contact me on 9815233050.



    1. Anonymous11:24 PM

      Nice job....Keep it up.....I also reached a really great site where you can Free Download NCERT Books for class 6th to 12th of all subjects that will definately help you in Civil Services Preparation. Here you can also get materials for Interview Preparation. Do check it out........

    2. Awanish

      Thanks for the reference. Kindly visit and check out Free books on the left side bar.



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