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  • Monday, January 26, 2009

    Shaddarshana or Six Doctrines of Hinduism

    The Shadhdarshana means the six Doctrines or the Six systems of Salvation or the Six Schools of Philosophies of Hinduism. They are as follows.

    Sr. noName of the DoctrineName of the Rishi/Apostle
    1Nayaya:AnalysisAkshapada Gautama
    2Vaisheshika: Doctrine of Individual CharateristicsUluka Kanada
    3Sankhya: The CountKapila
    4Yoga: Now Most popular in West as a school of physical discipliningPatanjali
    5Mimansa: EnquiryJamini
    6 Vedanta, also Uttara MimansaShankaracharya

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