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  • Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    UGC/NET Preparation HISTORY: Comment on Indhistory Web site

    The contents of the above link have details on the accession of Asoka and his conversion to Buddhism.

    Just go through them.

    Sometime small snippets help to retain the information for longer time. They prove more useful than to read a whole book.

    The blog will now have numerous tit bits every day. It takes lesser time to read them but ones retain more information. They help in selecting right answers in intelligently framed MCQs.

    Kindly do give commnets on this feature.


    1. hey its good insight.for more about ugc net preparation , kindly list the books .

    2. ugc net preparation is published just in good faith. It belongs to a professional tutorial group based in New Delhi.

      I am in no way promoting their site here. The visitor directed to their site may use his/her own discretion before availing any information or help from them. I am not responsible for them in any manner. If I have published it, it is only in good faith, a courtesy and social gesture on net.
      Author of the blog: Sumir

    3. As it is suggested by the commentator apropos, I suggest to visit the following link:


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