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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sanskrit Literature: Books and Authors Bank

At the following link of Banglapedia, one can find an article on Sanskrit literature.

The Link is :

Those who are preparing for prelims, they must include the contents of this essay on Ancient India. They may write a page on which they separate the books title and names of their author. Here is one essay which can provide them a huge list that may help any MCQ on books and authors on Ancient India portion in the Prelims.

The essay is full of authors and books on Sanskrit literature and the researchers of present day.

A note could have been made out of it and declared as my own question bank. However, I have decided to reveal this essay to the aspirants and leave it to them how they make use of this essay. I will also give a bank on authors and books of ancient India separately.

I acknowledge that I found this site from Brain Boost while improving main notes on Aryabhatta and Kalidasa.

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