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  • Thursday, June 02, 2005

    General Information for Civil Services Aspirants

    There is general search for some basic data by the aspirants.

    They grope in dark. They have to visit numerous sites.

    The information and data which they need do not form the part of the actual preparation for writing the examination. However, any understanding that can be derived from those data, the clarity of the activity which they have to understake for nearly two years and general confidence which they can get on getting such data and information are as important and essential in achieving success in getting that most desired word against your roll and name which reads, "Recommended".

    At the following page of UPSC website, the Commission has itself provided such data.


    It is better to listen from the horse mouth. It is believed that candidates/aspirants are so perplexed or overwhelmed with anxiety that they remain confine to reaching those pages which are of immediate interest to them. They do not explore the whole site. It is believed that it may help them.

    No doubt, the commission has not provided those figures and data which a general candidate and aspirants search for. Such figures are generally provided by some volunteers on the cyberspace or by professional sites which charge money.

    The is another site which is highly useful for the preparation of General studies. On the General Studies Blog, while attempting the questions of May 2005, the links to that site has been given. The site is generally know as India Image.>>>

    Have you explore the Hindi Version of the site. Kruti Fonts are required. The site is under development. Even then, immediately relevent information is available even then in Hindi.
    (Topic: General Talk)

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