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  • Tuesday, June 21, 2005

    Assisting Tools for Preparation

    Getting the right information in the less possible time is highly desired and wished by all of us.

    Writing and revision can be more effective if you know that there is assistance at hand which can help you to improve the contents and counter check the facts as being presented by you. It can speed up your preparation and impart confidence to you.

    The above mentioned needs and which is my aim of developing my blogs for my own study as well as for my students in my college where I teach, I feel like sharing the following two resources. I have been using one of the resource for correcting my answer to GS papers of 2005 and used it to give more details on the questions which I will soon post on this blog.

    The Fist Resource:
    It is a new search engine which I have found different from other search engines. No doubt, my preferred search engine is still Google and second in preference is Yahoo which seems to have improved in last six to seven months.

    The search Engine is Brain Boost.
    The Second Resource:
    The second important is a web site which can be used as a source. My source is actually CIA world Fact books. There are many questions on foreign countries in recent GS paper. I was in the process of collecting material when Siddharta Tripathi identified my mistakes. Hence, it required immediate attention and counter confirmation. I depended on this every source which I have mentioned. However, the web site which I am now suggesting claims to use three different sources. I have placed an article on my other blog about it. However, I give links to both these things below.
    The open link is as follows:
    B. My article: Resource on Facts No.1

    An Apology:
    I am not able to post regularly because of disruptive and erratic electric supply. One really wonders that what will happen if our country does not improve the infrastructure. One should not rue the brain drain if such a scenario continue. One should not blame those who leave the country. I feel amused when I find sensex crossing 7000 on BSE and 2150 on NSE and claims of having 6.7 GDP this time.

    New addition:

    However, it has nothing to with competitive examinations. It is on trial basis. The aim is to use Hindi language as a means of communication in this media.

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