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  • Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    I A S Portal

    Recently I have come across another website.
    It is called I A S Portal. It has changed its name to UPSC Portal before May 2006 Preliims.
    I have just gone through some of the links. I have found comments by some qualified candidates (already selected). I have just found some of the links quite imaginative. The lay out is also good. They have placed links to many news groups. Then, there are discussion groups. I am of the strong view that if you listen what other says, it some how give you right ideas. My portal is mainly formed with that idea which had been borrowed from of John Simkin. I have remained inactive for sometime on my blogs due to some very foolish reasons but the world goes on. This portal has done something, which I have visualized to do. Any how, I am placing the link here only to take them as a postivie competition. I hope to come alive again activily. My archive links tell about my absense for long time on my different blogs. But many people continue to visit my blog regularly. However, none of them have placed comments to seek further information. They have made copies of it but it seems that they do not need more than what I have placed here. They have not asked any question about Medieveal period. They have not asked any thing about Modern Period. They have not asked any thing about Modern World. But some of them are visiting to my other blogs through My Profile option. It seems, they gather whatever they get but they do not have any further query.

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