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  • Saturday, February 26, 2005

    Middle Ages in Europe: Material For Mains Paper B

    Find a good material on Middle Ages and related debate which has been based on the recent trends in the study of the European History and Modern World History.

    Was Middle Ages in Europe A Dark Age!, European History/Renaissance

    It has special importance for the students who have opted for the Modern World and World History. In India, most the available books refers to Middle Ages as Dark ages. However, in examinations there are many questions which refers to intellectual achievements before the Renaissance period. It confuses some candidates and on the other hand also force you to misunderstand the questions which are being asked. Hence, while preparing for the Mains paper, Paper B, This discussion can be useful. A good Write Up, complete in all respects, on Middle Ages is appears there.

    This debate can also be useful for the M. A. Political Science student. Just look into, think over the issues raised and see how. It is especially useful for the student of the Political Thought paper.

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